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James Allen
Allen, James
Science Teacher
Ashley Brown
Brown, Ashley
Teacher's Aide
Sheila Brown
Brown, Sheila
1st Grade Teacher
Priscilla  Carver
Carver, Priscilla
Alternative Education
Suzie Cormier
Cormier, Suzie
Sonya CostaCosta, Sonya
2nd Grade Teacher
Becky Deatherage
Deatherage, Becky
Sixth Grade Teacher
Wilmer Duncan
Duncan, Wilmer
Michelle Earls
Earls, Michelle
4th Grade Teacher
Diana Hames
Hames, Diana
Alicia Herell
Herell, Alicia
3rd Grade Teacher
Lane Jackson
Jackson, Lane
Wesley Knapp
Knapp, Wesley
Computer Science Teacher
Daphne Loyd
Loyd, Daphne
Superintendent's Secretary/Encumberance Clerk/Technology Coordinator/Payroll Clerk
Tracy Loyd
Loyd, Tracy
JH/HS Math Teacher
Katie McKinney
McKinney, Katie
Elementary Secretary/Treasurer
Marjorie Richie
Richie, Marjorie
Pre-K Teacher
Jennifer  Walker
Walker, Jennifer
Speech Pathologist
Diana Warren
Warren, Diana
1st Grade
Mark Warren
Warren, Mark
Marla Warren
Warren, Marla
Kindergarten Teacher
Kylie Weaver
Weaver, Kylie
Agriculture Teacher
Wesley Williams
Williams, Wesley
English Teacher
Pam Young
Young, Pam
Special Education
Carissa  Wolfe
Wolfe, Carissa
Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor